KIA ( Kuwait investment authority ) is the official stimulator for kuwait's domestic and abroad investments.

KIA plays a pivotal role in the local economy. It directs and manages the State’s contributions and shares in various major economic entities.

KIA maintains an active involvement with the economic and financial developments in Kuwait. It promotes and supports institutionalization of the market through setting up funds and companies to promote and finance local business, and participation in the launch of local investment which have feasible economic returns.

KIA helps develop the role of local financial companies by giving them the opportunity to manage some of their investments locally and abroad. The private sector’s regeneration will be maintained through the privatization programs which KIA is committed to undertake. Additionally, KIA provides liquidity to the State's Treasury when needed. And, as detailed in the role of the Local Investment Department, KIA has setup several companies in the last few years, primarily to promote investments in Kuwait, it contributed in many domestic investment funds in up to KD 770 million.