Geographical location and Area

The State of Kuwait lies at the Northwest corner of the Arabian Gulf, as it shares its East border with it. To the South and Southwest, it shares borders with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to the North and West it shares borders with the Republic of Iraq.

Due to its geographical location, Kuwait is considered an outlet to the Northeast of the Arabian Peninsula.

The distance between the most remote location on the Northern border and its equal location on the Southern border is about 200 Kilometers (124 Miles) and between the East and West borders on longitudes 29 degrees, is about 170 Kilometers (106 Miles).

The border's length is about 685 Kilometers (426 Miles), 195 Kilometers of which (121 Miles) are sea borders over looking the Gulf to the East. It shares about 250 Kilometers (155 Miles) borders with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the South and West, and about 240 Kilometers (149 Miles) with the Republic of Iraq, to the North and West.

As Kuwait lies between latitudes of 28.45 and 30.05 degrees North of the Equator, and longitudes 46.30 and 48.30 degrees East of Greenwich, it has a continental climate, which characterizes all desert geographic regions in general. The total area of the State of Kuwait is 17.818 square kilometers (6960 square miles).