The Coast

The Kuwaiti people have long ago been linked with the sea being their source of food and a way of making a living. Today, the situation is different. With the great massive development, that dependence on the sea became lesser, but the emotional link with the sea is still deeply rooted in their hearts and is expressed during the nights they spend at the beach.

The 290 Kilometers coast of Kuwait can be divided into two main parts:

One extends along the Arabian Gulf itself, and the other lies on Kuwait's bay and Khor Sabiya. The two areas are basically different. The first area is composed of sand beaches, open to the sea currents, while the second area is characterized by 70 kilometers of muddy flat planes, especially in Northern part of the very shallow Kuwait's bay.

The shallow water affects the waves that do not go higher than 16 centimeters opposite Kuwait City. The tide and ebb movements take place twice a day. Here are some statistics taken from studies conducted on the coast of Kuwait:

- The sandy shores' constitute 33.3% of the total length of the shores. 14% of the total length of the shores is used for government projects, such as water distillation stations and hospitals.

- There are six seaports on the coast: Shuwaikh, Doha, Ahmadi, Shuaiba, Mina Abdullah, and Mina AI-Zoor. Besides, there are some private berths used by companies and individuals.

- There are 20 other berths for small wooden boats.

- 40% of the shores is used by private institutions and individuals to build villas or chalets mostly.

- 11% of the beaches are assigned for tourists and entertainment.

- The unused shores are about 35% of the total length of shores, and are centered at the northern tip.