National flag

The Kuwaiti flag has took different shapes and sizes since the establishment of Kuwait until 1961, when the government found it necessary to replace the old flag with a new one as an emblem of Kuwait's independence. Thus, a law was promulgated to replace the old flag with a new one on September 7, 1961, (corresponding to 27 Rabbi AI-Awl 1381 A.H.). On November 18, 1961, (10 Jamada AIŽAkher 1381 A.H.), some provisions of that law were amended. The first article of that law stipulated that Kuwait's national flag should consist of a horizontal rectangle, which is twice as long as its width. And this width is to be divided into three equal horizontal stripes. the top of which is to be green, the middle white, and the bottom red, with the side next to the flag's pole forming the base of a black trapezoid equal in size to the width of the flag, and its small base equal to the width of the white color stripe, and its height equals the quarter of the flag's length.

As for the emblem of the State of Kuwait, which portrayed a falcon and two intersecting flags standing on a helmet, it persisted until 1963, when the Cabinet decided to replace it with a new emblem. The new emblem of the State of Kuwait represents a falcon with outstretched wings embracing a boom (a small boat), sailing on blue and white waves. It symbolizes Kuwait's maritime tradition.