Kuwait and the United Nations

Kuwait joined the United Nations on May 14, 1963 thereby becoming the 111th member of the world body. Kuwait has upheld the UN's principle of constructive cooperation, based on peace, equality and justice, among the nations of the world. The UN, on its part, has reciprocated by lending international support to Kuwait during the invasion by Iraq. Kuwait has worked for strengthening the organization and has pledged more funds to the UN corpus than its prescribed quota.

All along, since the State of Kuwait joined the United Nations membership in 1963, Kuwait has met its obligations under all international arrangements in order to establish a global partnership for development. To that end, we have created the Kuwait Fund for Economic Development, thus putting in place a liberal facility to provide assistance to the developing and least-developed countries. Recipients of aid from the Fund now exceed one hundred countries and the aggregate volume of assistance goes beyond 12 billion dollars. Thus the ODA provided by Kuwait over the past years amounted, in real, terms, to almost double the internationally agreed-upon percentage. This does not include the help given by the people of Kuwait through civil society associations and non-governmental organizations to communities in need in various countries.