To drive a car from Kuwait through other countries the following are required:

  • International Driving Licence
  • Orange Card Insurance (for Arab countries)
  • Triptyque
  • Green Card Insurance (for Europe)

To enter European countries, a vehicle ownership international book is also needed.

International driving licences are issued by the KT club for KD8/-, on presentation of a valid Kuwaiti driving licence, civil ID, car registration (daftar) and one passport-sized photograph. The club also issues the vehicle ownership international book. Orange and green card insurance may be obtained from car insurance companies or the KT Club.
The triptyque (international car certificate or ‘carnet de passage’) is a 25-page booklet containing tear-off transit coupons, with one entry and one exit coupon plus counterfoil per page. The booklet shows the details of the vehicle, and guarantees that if it is left in the foreign country through which it is passing then any customs duties will be paid by the automobile club which issued it. A triptyque is valid for one year, during which 25 entries into and exits from other countries can be made without paying import duties. When entering a country the entry coupon is removed by customs, and the entry stamped on the counterfoil. When leaving the exit coupon is removed and the exit will be stamped on the counterfoil. Triptyques can be obtained from the KT Club, other driving clubs and from some travel agents. A Kuwaiti guarantor plus a fee of KD30 is required.

For further information contact:
Automobile Club,
Fourth Ring Road, Shuwaikh
Tel: 4827521/4827524/4827526

Exporting a Vehicle
There are two ways to export a vehicle from Kuwait. The first is the easiest for those who are driving back to their home country. The second way is for those who are sending their car home by sea-freight.

In the first way the expatriate obtains a triptyque and orange and green cards, and drives home on Kuwaiti number plates. Once the car has been registered in his home country he returns the number plates to the traffic department in Kuwait, and the triptyque to the issuer in Kuwait to have his deposit refunded or his Kuwaiti guarantor released.

In the second, more official way, the number plates are taken to the traffic department and exchanged for an export number and various documents. These are then taken to the customs department in Shuwaikh in order to obtain an export permit which allows the vehicle to be shipped out of Kuwait.