Despite the excellent comprehensive services provided by the public health service, private hospitals and clinics thrive in Kuwait. The MPH regulates standards and the fees they may charge. The private hospitals and clinics have their own pharmacies. Most of them are general hospitals with some specialist departments. Some have limited equipment, such as ICUs, or specialists and refer patients to government hospitals for special procedures.

There are ten private hospitals in Kuwait. These are - Al Salam Hospital, New Mawasat Hospital, Al Rashid Hospital, Hadi Hospital, February 25 Hospital, Al Ahmadi Hospital, Kuwait National PetroleumCo Hospital, Saudi Arabia TexacoHospital, London Hospital and New Dar Al-Shifa Hospital.

Private clinics are usually staffed by doctors of a particular speciality. There are several private dentists and dental clinics providing services to international standards. Orthodontics are only available to expatriates through these dentists and clinics.

The Ministry of Health has approved the applications of 35 private companies to set up private hospitals in Kuwait. A decision is also issued allowing cooperative societies, private hospitals and Kuwaiti doctors to open private clinics for general practice in residential areas.