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The Embassy would like to welcome you on this webpage “The Student’s Box”.

The Student’s Box is for you and for all Kuwaiti students studying in Canada. We will post on this page any information that we deem important and useful to our students.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or contact kuwait Cultural Office in washington if you have any questions or concerns.

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Honouring Dana Al Radhan in an International conference in Canada

Dr. Fahad AlNaser, the chairman of the Cultural Office in the Embassy of the state of Kuwait in Ottawa, Canada attended the CBIE conference held in Montreal and attended by almost 700 Academics and participants. Dana Jamal Al Radhan was honoured for her participation in the annual competition of Short film in the 46th conference for the CBIE which took place in Montreal, Canada.

The chairman of the cultural office praised the student Dana Al Radhan who was an excellent representative for Kuwaiti students in this competition and in this academic and scientific conference which included more than 150 Canadian universities and considered one of biggest gatherings for Canadian Universities.

Dana Al Radhan, who has a scholarship from the Ministry of Higher Education in dentistry, ranked number one in the competition.

It is worth mentioning that this is the first time the Cultural Office has participated this conference since it was established.

The opening of the Cultural office e in the Embassy of Kuwait

Dr. Fahad AlNaser was appointed as the president of the cultural office in Canada.

We are pleased to declare the opening of the cultural office in the Embassy of Kuwait it Ottawa, capital of Canada.

One of the objectives of the cultural office will be to supervise all the educational and cultural activity in Canada, in addition to supervising all the students and trainees sponsored by the government.

For further information, you may contact:
Dr. Fahad AlNaser
Telephone: Office: (613) 780-9114
Cell: (613) 869-2229

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Great achievement for Mohammad AlNajjar a Kuwaiti MD candidate

Dr. Fahad AlNaser the president of the cultural office in the embassy of the state of Kuwait in Canada congratulated Mohammad AlNajjar a Kuwaiti MD candidate in the University of Calgary for his great achievement when he participated in publishing a paper explaining the discovery and work up of a new gene mutation in a specific type of brain cancer called Oligodendroglima.

In this work Mr. AlNajjar had the privilege to work with two of the most prominent brain cancer scientists in the world: Dr. Cairncross - who had discovered a chromosomal marker that is used world wide for diagnosis of specific brain cancer type- and Dr. Weiss-who had received a prestigious award (known historically to give the recipient 25% of getting Noble prize) for discovering the existence of neural stem cells in the brain.