Bilateral relations between the State of Kuwait and Canada

 The diplomatic relationship between the State of Kuwait and Canada established in 1965. It was characterized by a high level of cooperation and understanding on various levels and witnessed distinctive and historical stages based on the common interests that bind the two countries together.

The relations were greatly strengthened during the brutal Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990, as a result of Canada's position in support of Kuwaiti legitimacy and the liberation of Kuwait. Canadian armed forces participated within the International Coalition for the Liberation of the State of Kuwait during the period 1990-1991. As well, Canadian support had a major role in extinguishing the oil well fires that were ignited by the Iraqi forces.

The State of Kuwait and Canada share a similar view on issues of mutual interest, including issues of security, peace, humanitarian aid, trade, investment, clean environment, and climate change.

The State of Kuwait currently has many investments in the energy sector in Canada and is seeking to increase trade exchange through mutual investment and promoting various opportunities for investors in both countries.

The State of Kuwait seeks to increase the balance of trade exchange with Canada by encouraging mutual visits of official delegations and businessmen, in addition to mutual investment and creating diversified opportunities for investors in both countries. The State of Kuwait is keen on creating a safe and attractive environment for foreign investors and provides all the necessary incentives to facilitate all the needs for successful investment in line with the State of Kuwait's 2035 Vision.