Honouring Canadian veterans who participated in the liberation of Kuwait in 1991

October 4, 2022

In collaboration with the Canadian War Museum, the Canadian Veterans Association organized on Tuesday evening, October 4, 2022, a ceremony at the headquarters of the War Museum in the Canadian capital, Ottawa, to honour Her Excellency / Reem Mohammed AlKhaled - Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to Canada, in appreciation of Her Excellency’s efforts over the past (3) years, in honouring the soldiers who participated in Kuwait Liberation war.

The event was attended by the Right Honourable Mr. Brian Mulroney, the former Canadian Prime Minister, who held the position during the occupation of the State of Kuwait, a Member of Parliament, representative of the Canadian Minister of Veterans Affairs, representatives of the Canadian Department of Global Affairs, and a number of heads of diplomatic missions accredited to Ottawa, as well as members of the Kuwaiti Embassy.

In her remarks, Her Excellency Reem Mohammed AlKhaled, Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to Canada, expressed appreciation for Canada's supportive stance in liberating the State of Kuwait from the brutal aggression against it in 1990 and the participation of its soldiers and sacrifices within the International Coalition Forces in 1991. Her Excellency took the opportunity to express her profound appreciation to the Canadian veterans for their sacrifices and selfless service in the liberation of the State of Kuwait.

The Right Honourable Mr. Brian Mulroney recalled 32 years of memories when he ordered the dispatch of about 5,000 Canadian soldiers to the Arabian Gulf, noting that the decision was not easy, but it was inevitable to correct the situation. He added that Canadians have always fought wars for peace, and the war to liberate Kuwait was an example of that.

Mrs. Caroline Dramaguet, President and CEO of the Canadian Museum of History and the Canadian War Museum, noted that the War Museum, which opened in 2005, was inspired by the Kuwait Liberation War.

Mr. Harold Davis, President of Persian Gulf Veterans of Canada also expressed pride in the participation of Canadian veterans in the war to liberate Kuwait.

Her Excellency the Ambassador presented six veterans with medals and took memorial photos with them. The honoured veterans expressed their happiness and gratitude for this honour.

In conclusion, Mr. Harold Daves presented Her Excellency Ambassador Reem AlKhaled a commemorative plaque, as well as the Canadian Veterans Flag bearing the slogan: “For Peace” in appreciation of the Embassy of the State of Kuwait.

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